3 Intimate Ideas for a Small Wedding

3 Intimate Ideas for a Small Wedding

Who says you have to have a huge wedding? Even if you have a small, intimate wedding, you’re every bit as married.

What’s more, you might find that you enjoy the small wedding even more. If you’re kicking around some wedding plans and want to make sure that you’re not leaving any stones unturned, we’ve got you covered.

Consider the following small wedding ideas to make your special day one for the ages.

1. Go to an All-Inclusive Resort

Destination weddings are always a winning idea.

These weddings can be as small as you and your spouse and a few close friends or relatives. They give everyone a reason to hop on a plane and experience both a wedding and a vacation.

There are several great destination wedding ideas, such as Mexico, Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Aruba. When you’re scoping out these areas, make sure that you look into the best hotel or resort property that you can find.

There are some amazingall inclusive wedding venuesyou can choose that will make your wedding one to remember. These properties typically have wedding packages that you can secure at the time of your booking.

After locking it in with a deposit, you will be put in touch with the wedding coordinator and can begin planning out all of the details leading up to the trip.

2. Getting Married at the Courthouse or a Private Locale, and Celebrate With the Reception Elsewhere

Save your money for the reception. Many people put so much time and effort into making the ceremony lavish.

Perhaps you should get married at the Justice of the Peace or a private locale with a witness or religious official, and then have a bigger, better celebration afterward. It cuts out a lot of the logistics and money and makes it so that you’re celebrating with the people closest to you in the most convenient way.

3. Put Together a Pot Luck Celebration With Loved Ones

There’s just something charming and community-oriented about hosting apot luckdinner. This is one of the least expensive options you can choose, and it involves cooperation and participation from everyone.

By putting together dishes and desserts of all types, you will have an eclectic blend of meals. Make sure that you have the music pumping all night and keep the environment festive. You can mix some margaritas or sangria, or simply have coolers of beer and plenty of wine available.

You can add to the charm of this event by putting together some hand-crafted DIY invitations. This adds another personal touch to this sort of evenlaoji.orgt and will make everyone invited feel appreciated and loved.

You can also consider some nifty keepsakes and party favors that you can give out to the people who attend.

Put These Small Wedding Ideas to Use

Let these small wedding ideas guide you when you’re getting ready to exchange vows. There are no right or wrong answers, so kick around these ideas and see what works best for your tastes and sensibilities.

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