4 L’s For a Good Relationship!

4 L’s For a Good Relationship!

Love is, without question, one of the most important parts of any relationship. It is a foundation and without love, there is not any basis for much else in a relationship. However, that being said, love is not everything; there are a few other “L” words considering that make a lot of sense.


Life is too serious for all of us, being in a relationship is difficult, and then there are jobs, money, family, and friends to think about. Research has proven that laughter makes you feel better and is actually healthy for you. Feeling good and being healthy makes all the difference when you are in a relationship.

Being at your best means you are able to deal with whatever issues come your way in your relationship. Watching something funny on television, reading a funny book, etc. has been proven to help you relax and get a better night’s sleep. This will aid in reducing stress levels which means less issues or problems in your relationship.

laugh with your partner

Laughter can also lighten up the mood in your relationship by diffusing those tense situations between you and your partner. When you can both stop and look at one another and laugh about a situation in your relationship that wasn’t as serious as you thought it was, that’s a good thing.

Taking the time to laugh in your relationship means that you and your partner are truly comfortable with one another.


I cannot stress enough how important listening is to a relationship. There are so many times in a relationship where will misinterpret one another because the other person is not really listening. People in a relationship look out for one another, respect one another, and don’t like to see the person they are in a relationship with hurt.

I can tell you in all honesty that many issues or arguments in a relationship result from the two people in the relationship not listening to one another. A lot of times we don’t listen because we assume that we know what the other person in the relationship was trying to say.

Listen to your partner

We live on an assumption rather than striving to ask and listen for the truth, which is, after all, what is really essential in a healthy relationship. When we assume, it’s another way of judging someone and we should do our very best not to judge the person we are in a relationship with.

We are supposed to accept them for who they are because if not, there is no point in continuing a relationship with them. Listening can inspire a lot of things in a relationship, but most of all, you get to know your partner better and you develop more respect for them and perhaps in some situations, compassion and empathy.


Do you see what is really there in your relationship? Or do you only see what you want to see in your relationship? A lot of times we are blinded as a result of our surrounding environment: work, family, and friends. We neglect the person we are in a relationship with at times; we take them for granted because of the love involved.

take care of your partner

This is proof that love is not always enough to keep a relationship going. Relationship experts suggest that looking into your partner’s eyes without words is a healing exercise for your relationship and it builds trust.

Take the time to laugh, listen, and look; you’ll love the impact on your relationship.

Do you laugh, listen, and look in your relationship? Share your stories.

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