Unmetered Dedicated Servers – The Good And The Bad

Unmetered Dedicated Servers – The Good And The Bad

Unlike metered servers that get specific bandwidth amounts in GB every month, unmetered servers do not have this bandwidth kind of measurement; they get specific port size instead. In the end therefore, customers of unmetered servers have the liberty to use as much bandwidth as the port purchased can handle. In this sense, overage cost threats are eliminated because the usage is based on port size chosen.

Dedicated servers make management of websites and operations pretty smooth and reliable and you will be in an even better position if you choose unmetered dedicated servers. With such, even when you receive huge traffic you can still run smoothly and not worry about charges for going over the bandwidth allocated. It is however important that you understand the advantages and disadvantages of choosing unmetered dedicated server so you can be sure it is what your business needs before you get purchase the port.

The good

You get to enjoy the resources solo

With unmetered bandwidth, you remain the only user for the server. This means that you will be in control of managing all information accessed, shared and stored in the server. With resources that are not shared, you can be sure that you will enjoy more uptime with very minimal downtimes that can ruin your business. Fast speeds are what majority of users want to enjoy when accessing your pages and this is exactly what you will manage to offer them with this kind of a server.

You will enjoy better data security

When you are an owner of dedicated server through unmetered plan the security of all your data is heightened. This is because you get an IP address that is unique to you thus securing your data. Unmetered bandwidth also offers you timely technical assistance when you need it the most. This is considering that the control panel is customized making it possible for the IT department to manage your website especially when offering access permissions to selected users.

You don’t have to worry about traffic increases

As long as you have a sizeable port, your website will be able to handle as much traffic as comes your way and all this without costing you on bandwidth overuse.

The bad

You will spend more for the server

Dedicated servers that are unmetered come with some expenditure. This is because the server is exclusively designed for to meet the needs you have. You may also have additional costs to deal with when setting it up, managing and troubleshooting.

You will require a little technical knowledge

To efficiently manage your server, you may need to know a little about things such as IP routing and server mechanisms as well as MX records and many others. Learning what matters most and finally implementing it can be quite a tack and yet hiring services for the same could in the end make your efforts of saving using the unmetered bandwidth useless. Considering that some problems can be challenging to fix, a little knowledge and skill will go a long way.

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